1.       Who we are?

Frontiers Meetings Journals are a newly launched attempt to spread scientific knowledge through open access journals in various fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. We aim to publish peer-reviewed scientific journals around the world, encouraging the exchange of scientific literature among students and researchers around the world through the open access platform (free to read).

2.       What is Frontiers Meetings Journals Peer Review Process Like?

We have adopted the internationally accepted double-blind peer review process. Editorial editors choose reviewers, but the identities of the author and reviewers are hidden from one another to prevent possible bias. The papers are published on the recommendation of the reviewers but decision editors.

3.       What is the duration for publishing an article?

The time it takes to process a manuscript can vary depending on the reviewers schedule and the number of corrections that may need to made as per reviewers' feedback. Once accepted, the paper will be published within 7 days and an online link to the page is sent to the author(s).

4.       If I don’t have funding to pay for the publication fees, what shall I do?

Minimum publishing fees must be shared between the participating authors. As a non-profit organization, we cannot waive publishing fees for all articles.

5.       Can I withdraw my paper after publication?

Yes. Authors are free to withdraw the paper by submitting a letter stating the reasons for doing so to the editorial office. A small fee is deducted if the paper is withdrawn after publication.