Editors ensure the written quality of print and online publications. Their duties might include reading manuscripts, making sure that a writer's formatting fits for guidelines, correcting grammatical or factual errors and making suggestions for improvement. They may also be responsible for selecting articles or manuscripts for publication, assisting with design layout and overseeing other aspects of publication.

Your primary role as Review Editor is to referee the peer-reviews of submitted manuscripts. Review Editors are the referees of manuscripts during the peer-review process. They are responsible for certifying the validity and accuracy of publications, and for helping authors to improve the quality of their research.

Guidelines for the Editor-In-Chief

  • Describe the aims, scope and direction of the journal in collaboration with the board
  • Seek out and recruit suitable candidates as editors
  • Select papers and actively participate in review process
  • Prepare guidelines to improve the standards of the journal
  • Suggest potential contributors and reviewers to improve journals output
  • Submit papers, editorials and opinions for publication in the journal
  • Promote the journal in academic circles and scientific conferences you are a part of
  • Suggest the journal to colleagues, friends and students to receive submissions
  • Organize special issues when needed
  • Be responsive to changes in the field and update the aims and scope of the journal as necessary
  • Summarize editorial policies and supervise the review process
  • Oversee any complaints of misconduct and make final decisions
  • Coordinate with other editors, reviewers and editorial staff on day-to-day operations

Guidelines for Editors

  • Prerequisites include being an expert in the specific field with nearly 100 publications
  • Should actively participate in review process and editorial activities
  • Select appropriate reviewers for processing manuscripts
  • Acquire and evaluate conflicts of interest and competing interest’s declarations from reviewers
  • Bring any complaints of misconduct to the editor-in-chief's attention
  • Seek out journal submissions from colleagues, friends and students
  • Be perceptive of any major changes in the field and advise the editor-in-chief
  • Organize special editions based on research interest and expertise
  • Promote the journal among academic circles and research communities