Frontiers Journal of Renewable energy

Technological Advancement In Biofuel From Genetic Engineered Algae And Future Prospectives


Rapid human population growth has led to a rise in energy consumption, which is expected to increase by 50% or more by 2050. Natural oil cannot keep up with the existing usage rate, which has already been reported to be 100 times higher than nature can produce. Moreover, the use of fossil energy is devastating to our climate by greenhouse gas pollution and global warming. The quest for 'clean' energy has now become the biggest obstacle. A variety of solutions are currently being researched and introduced. Micro-Algae-based fuels are perceived to be the most sustainable, clean, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution to climate change and food protection, as well as the only renewable energy alternative capable of satisfying global demand for fuels in the long term. The goal of this analysis is therefore to recapitulate the existing work on the potential for micro-algal biofuel development and to explore alternative ways of bringing it into effect. This review begins by highlighting the benefits and varied types of micro-algae biofuels. The latest attempts and successes to boost developing economies through the genetic and metabolic modification of micro-algal strains are also discussed.