Reviewer Guidelines

A published article reflects the minds of the reader and as well as authors. Paper standards and quality depend upon the peer review process which is judged by expert reviewers and editorial board members. Reviewer play vital role in FM Journals by identifying the paper quality, validation, and its publication. The peer-review system focuses on the performance of paper with a view to improving quality and maintenance standards.

Scientists, researchers, academicians, and scholars are eligible for the reviewing process. One must be expert in a particular topic before accepting for review. Our editorial board members or editorial managers will assign paper related to your research interest.

Guidelines to be followed while reviewing the article


  • Reviewers are assigned articles depending on their research interests.
  • Reviewing of the manuscript should be completed in the timeframe provided to the reviewers.
  • Acknowledgment of acceptance letter is sought from the reviewer after accepting the manuscript.
  • At any given point if the reviewer feels that the manuscript assigned to him is out of his/her scope, one can approach the editorial office.
  • There should be no prejudice by the Reviewer in the event of reviewing the manuscript.
  • It is mandatory for the reviewer to inform to the editorial office if the manuscripts do not comply with the standards and the high quality of the FM journals.
  • The identity of the reviewers should not be revealed to the author in any circumstances on or before the publication.
  • The editorial office should be contacted in cases where the manuscript encounters a problem related to the content, figures, etc.
  • The decision of acceptance or rejection will solely depend on the comments from the editor.